Life is full of magical moments

2016年12月〜、ドイツ人の夫とハンブルクで暮らしています。Yoga, Spritual, Natural and Bioなライフスタイルを目指して♪


Hallo Leute







It's been 1 year since I move to Germany. Time flies so quickly.

This year is definitely the biggest year that changed my life. I and my lovely hubby have acomplished a lot in this year as well.

Discover a new way of living is not only exciting. It always seems impossible until it's done. Crutial to activate my inner wisdome and let my heart and love guide me in a right direction.

We've decorated our Christmas tree yesterday and the picture below is the beautiful stunning sunset viewfrom our apartment.


So far I would say I love my new blessed life in Germany!


Bis dann