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2016年12月〜、ドイツ人の夫とハンブルクで暮らしています。Yoga, Spritual, Natural and Bioなライフスタイルを目指して♪

9ヶ月 32w1d our last summer trip in Lecce🇮🇹


My morning routine is that once I wake up, I open the baby tracker app😏📱. Yesterday I was super surprised that I’m already 9 months pregnant 🤰🏻😳💓 wow!! Time flies so quick!!
Those pics are from our last summer trip in Lecce🇮🇹 Lecce is also called the Firenze of south Italy. Actually that’s why we decided to go there because Firenze is one of my favorite cities in the world!!
My hubby and I are really good at long walks no matter where we go. We didn't know that I was already pregnant but we took a long walk as always with a boiling hot weather🤣💦. I was so tired and so exhausted. Now I know why: because I'm pregnant!! I miss Italy, nice food, nice people and beautiful cities!! Oh next time when we go to Italy our little princess is going to be with us!! I can't wait!!

Oh... again but yes!! It's 9 months pregnant🤰🏻💕
When I do some house chores, especially vacuuming the floor, I get easily's just so awkward and also I get very itense backache, which I've never had before...these small comonn problems make me feel down😑, but I've been feeling my little princess's movement such as hicupps or she's getting bigger every single day so her kicks reaches to my ribs sometimes, that melts my heart coz I can feel her very close to me, growing healthy and it's such a adorable feeling.
I got emortional now...but I am just thankfull that she came to us as a little princess adorable daughter👶🏻💓
2 months to go!!
写真は去年の夏に行った南イタリアのレッチェ❤️ バロック様式の建築が市内に多いことから「南イタリアのフィレンツェ」とも呼ばれてるそう。私の大好きなフィレンツェっぽくて、本当に可愛い街でした💕
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